Weeknote of September 26, 2018 - Speaking Elsewhere

In lieu of writing recently, I spoke quite a bit elsewhere.

You can listen to my podcast interview on I Code Hire Me where I talked about teaching yourself to code while maintaining your current job. I also talked a bunch about good hiring ideas. Obviously, hiring has been on my mind lately.

I also gave the end-of-conference talk at the inaugural Chicago JSCamp (a conference for JavaScript developers). I talked about how to deliver app upgrades to your customers seamlessly and met a bunch of interesting people from around the country. We’re all facing similar problems, regardless of location - software knows no geography - and I hope to be submitting more conference talks for events around the country based on feedback from this one.

Whenever you work alone for a while, it’s so easy to forget that you are still moving forward. There’s no relative measure for what you build. The biggest idea sticking with me after the conference is that my learnings and my experiences are still new and valuable to the rest of the community - even if they now seem obvious to me.

Go out there and get some perspective.

Speaking at JSCamp Chicago 2018