After Reading: The Making of Prince of Persia

Reading The Making of Prince of Persia journals, by Jordan Mechner, is energizing and stressful. They are the journals of a 20-something year old developer and writer. Every interaction is dramatic or consequential or fraught. Every downbeat or still moment is an existential crisis. I couldn’t read it before bed because it would keep me up at night. I finished reading it this afternoon and I was pacing back and forth during the last hundred pages.

It was a lovely read, though. It’s gotten me to really commit to my own journaling and has me thinking about networked opportunities again. The book structure and printing is a joy. The texture, page format, attention to detail, and past and present commentary wove together into a unique reading experience. I want more books like this.

The funniest part is that I’ve never even played the game (or many video games, for that matter). I’m sure most of the readers will relive their own memories as the author describes the making of and experience of the game, but I simply got to enjoy his story of that time.

Photo of The Making of Prince of Persia book