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After Reading: A Psalm For The Wild-Built

A calm walk through a quiet forest flickering with futuristic light
After Reading: A Psalm For The Wild-Built

I finished reading A Psalm For The Wild-Built as I drank my coffee on our last morning in the cabin we rented with eight of our close friends over a long weekend on the banks of a creek in the midst of a snowstorm.

The book reminded me of Tales From The Loop, weaving a futuristic utopian view of natural technology into a society distincly pre-modern. It calmly gathered you through another world that looked very similar to your own but had veered off in a different direction long ago and was essentially alien to you, with surprises and danger and magic around corners. And it was focused more on evoking deep feelings rather than building to a climax or forcing a difficult embrace. It brought me into a clearing and then encouraged me to sit and experience it.