A Recommendation of Colleen Grafton

Out of all the engineers I have known, Colleen is the most structured and economical. While working together, she has grown tenfold in her abilities and her assertiveness. She would be a valuable asset to any group, both her technical skills and her personality.

Colleen methodically approaches programming features and fixing bugs. She will gather any information before making a decision, searching for precedents before writing her own solution. She will consistently refactor previous solutions to fit new and future input, while maintaining a keen eye on old or external factors. She is a member that will make your team much greater than the sum of its parts.

While beginning on our team as a junior PHP developer, Colleen quickly expanded. She aided in the planning and completion of automated build and test processes across multi-tiered microservice architectures and legacy systems. She also, on her own accord, began training in new languages, eventually contributing to our node.js server code and our client-side JavaScript applications. I was elated to see her confidence grow alongside her technical abilities.

In addition to her technical growth, Colleen actively grew our company as a whole. She planned, proposed, and helped realize health benefits, insurance, and vacation policies for the entire company. At a time when we were hiring faster than comfortable, she organized regular team events and meals to encourage bonding amongst employees. With Colleen advocating to maintain the group unity and organizing benefits, we were much more secure in our relationships and ourselves.

Colleen is on my short list of those I would readily hire again. She brings much more to the table than others with the same credentials, and I trust that she will continue to build on her abilities in leaps and bounds. We should all strive to be so beneficial.