A Recommendation of Nevzat Cubukcu

A Recommendation of Nevzat Cubukcu

We hired Nevzat as our third engineer and Android device expert. How can you not be impressed when he came to the interview with projects to demonstrate complex matrix manipulations of on-device images that he built to teach himself the Android SDK? He, of course, continued to teach himself while on our team. He also pulled us to place customer delight in the front of our minds while also tirelessly improving out product.

While not knowing any JavaScript upon his first day at OfficeLuv, Nevzat was contributing to our single-page applications within a week. After we finished the release of our Java Android app, he switched completely to client-side JavaScript development without skipping a beat. He would eventually spearhead the conversion of our Android app into a React Native system. I have not yet worked with anyone so agile in their adoption of new languages and technical paradigms as Nevzat.

While remaining flexible in technical development, Nevzat was also a vocal contributor to our product road-maps, striving to always find customer delight. He would go out on customer interviews, incorporate their feedback, and work harder than anyone to build things better than the user would expect. Nevzat always found a way to improve existing features with each new release, from predictive searches to battery-saving background job optimizations.

When you are on a team with him, Nevzat’s excitement is infectious and rallying. I often found myself removing my headphones just to walk through a problem with him, because I knew how quickly we would find the right path together. His ease in assimilating new programming techniques means he will never find an impasse in building a technical product, and his mindfulness of the end user means the product will surely make them smile.