On Reading Fine Structure

I’ve sent these thoughts & instructions to friends more than once, so I should probably write them down.

From my Reading Lists, Fine Structure Sam Hughes

This is the content of my latest email recommendation for this series/book/collection-of-blog-posts.

This is the science fiction I was talking about during Friday’s party. It is about super heroes, hard science, time travel, universal scale and storytelling devices. I love it - read it three times.

I have some suggestions on how to read Fine Structure.

The first time reading it, do so without reading any comments. Trust me, there are pieces of information you will regret reading if you do so during your first pass. Upon a second reading of the series, your really should read the comments, as there is a great deal of thought process revealed by the writer in there.

My one request is that, if you do start reading it, you tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts! I’ll give mine.

Ah, and the author has written other science fictions (smaller than this series) at if you like this.