Timestamp - Going to a Party

I need to be there at 8, and it should take ten minutes to drive there. I request an Uber at 7:40. On the map displayed within their application, the cars disappear as I make the request. They were lies! I wait five minutes for the driver that accepted. The driver is lost and he calls me for directions. I wait another ten minutes. The driver was directed to the wrong location by his Uber application. I give up and walk the block to where he is, because he is still lost. He is driving an old truck. He drives me to the wrong entrance to the building, again only because he was directed there by Uber itself. Luckily, I make it inside.


On the way home, I leave the building and can hail a cab immediately. The driver goes quickly, directly to my door. The car is electrically-powered, as mandated by the city government.