Desk, May 23, 2023

Desk, May 23, 2023

I’ve built a bunch of changes in the last couple weeks.

  • bent and attached a hook to hang up my headphones, off the desk when out of meetings
  • built a custom wall mount for my monitor, so that it can be higher off the desk (eye-height)
  • bought and installed some cheap but pleasing acoustic paneling to reduce echo, for the podcast episodes I’ve been recording for work

I removed the mounted microphone, as I’ve been using the headphone-mounted microphone recently (for simplicity). But I’m unsure if I’ll stay with the smaller mic, I think it gets in the way when so close to my mouth.

Books on the desk:

  • The Good Citizen
  • A Pattern Language
  • The Timeless Way of Building
  • The Creative Act
  • Visual Explanations