I used to try and weed my lawn a whole hell of a lot and pul...

I used to try and weed my lawn a whole hell of a lot and pull the weeds hours a week until someone explained to me that weeds grew easier in the type of soil I had (poor, dry, unmaintained soil) than grass, and pulling the weeds wasn’t the way to go, I needed to actually make the soil good for the grass to crowd out the weeds.

It’s similar when considering this whole idea of root cause analysis—of trying to find the one source of the problem and removing it. If your root cause is at the weed’s level, you’ll keep pulling on them forever and will rarely make decent progress. The weeds will keep growing no matter how many roots you remove.

If you foster good soil, if you create the right environment that encourages the type of behavior you want instead of the type of behaviour you dislike, you have hopes that the good stuff will crowd out the bad stuff. That’s a roundabout way of talking about culture change.

Negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement