“Everything must have a URL” does not necessarily mean that ...

“Everything must have a URL” does not necessarily mean that everything must be public nor does it mean that the peanut gallery should have an opportunity to critique every decision you make. So long as URLs are the primary means by which we share information today, “everything must have a URL” is shorthand for describing a system that naturally captures and exposes process, and ideally, for sharing that context as widely as is appropriate for the subject matter. While it’s certainly hard to make the case that absolutely every decision should be rigorously memorialized, it’s even harder to make the case that your organization would be better off if they weren’t.

This is one of my biggest/favorite work-life improvements: when working through things, record pieces of the process as addressable atoms.

It allows you to identify concepts, share them, and strengthen them (by linking/evolving/etc.).