Everyone is talking about Retrieval Augmented Generation, bu...

Everyone is talking about Retrieval Augmented Generation, but most companies don’t actually have any internal documentation worth retrieving. Fix. Your. Shit.

The promise of LLMs should be telling companies to invest way way more in writing things down to make them legible as data to LLMs/RAG.

The only way to make them more reliable for internal/competitive edge is to make internal/competitive thinking available to it. The whole reason we can even have these (somewhat) capable versions today is that the entire internet has been making their thoughts legible for the last 30y in publicly-readable online pages.

Companies need to do the same thing. Companies have historically under-invested in documenting things, because they paid people to compete with each other (withholding information) and didn’t pay people to write good documentation. That needs to reverse for these companies to really allow RAG to benefit them.

This is why I am writing down so much more of my thinking as LLMs are becoming more capable.