A Recommendation of Vasyl Stetsyuk

Vasyl is an eager and diligent QA Lead. While we were working together, a member of our team remarked that they had met no other QA leader more interested in the actual technology, and I would agree. He is a splendid team leader, and defined our testing processes for the group. I would trust him to test my applications again in a heartbeat.

Not all QA developers are actually interested in the technology beneath their feet, but Vasyl is enamored with it. When working with the rest of our team, he wouldn’t stop at understanding the desired behavior, he would ask questions until he understood the underlying mechanics of the server or animation itself. This meant that, when he inevitably found bugs in the software, he would have a high likelihood of pinpointing the root cause of the bug. This saved us hours of effort in reproducing behavior, and greatly accelerated our development cycles.

While leading our QA process, Vasyl also managed a group of junior testers, to great ease and effectiveness. I never once had to worry about the tasks assigned to them or the team’s ability to finish the allotted tests before a deadline. Vasyl worked diligently to lay out every task in easily repeatable steps, and maintained in constant contact with the entire team. He could always estimate the time commitment of a testing cycle accurately, which was invaluable in our tight sprint cycles.

When Vasyl joined our team, we had no structure to our testing tasks and critical paths. He took it upon himself to evaluate several frameworks that fit within our task management system, then present the options to us and advocate his position. Once we had all agreed, he then defined and implemented the testable pathways that allowed us to confidently release each sprint cycle. The new process made our lives easier, our deployments faster, and our customers happier, all championed by Vasyl.

I would be confident in any application that passes Vasyl’s testing standards. He was an integral part of our team and a major reason we could release as quickly as we did. I loved having my mind at ease, working with Vasyl.