How and why to subscribe to this site.

I send email subscribers my more interesting posts here and a summary of notes I collect from reading and watching things. Occoasionally there are other, subscriber-only previews of things I'm working on and mentorship opportunities.

I don't post on social media, so this is the way to hear how I'm doing and what I think are interesting ideas. There are a lot of voices out there clamoring for attention, so I’d be truly thankful if you want to hear mine.

Also, if you're a family member or good friend, I'll send you special newsletter editions about me and my life.


I cross-post from this site to if you want to comment/share from there.


I really advocate for people to subscribe to sites using RSS as an alternative to email. I have an OPML file with hundreds of site feeds that I've been tending over years of reading online.

Here is the RSS link for this site if that's how you want to hear about every new public post. (If you want 'family' posts, you still need to subscribe via email so I know who you are.)

What I'm Reading

You can catch a selection of what I read by subscribing to my Readwise Highlights feed or browsing my notes and highlights.