Final Day of Re:SET Chicago

LCD Soundsystem, Jaime XX, and Idles at the last day of the first year of this festival

Final Day of Re:SET Chicago

This was the first year of this festival, held in the West of Chicago at Riis Park, and we went on the last day.

The evening was delayed due to wind, cancelling the l’rain set that I was looking forward to seeing.

We warmed up for an extra hour up in Humboldt Park and then shuffled in for the first set: Idles. They thrashed up the stage, putting on a better show than I was expecting!


Then, the rain. The rain was not so good, but we pushed through and the (heavily delayed) Jaime XX set that followed was exactly what we wanted and needed. He ended with Gosh and I was entranced and enveloped.

Then, the LCD Soundsystem set was so tight, so true and honest, with perfectly executed stories and personas on stage. I had seen LCD Soundsystem play indoors before (never seen Idles or Jaime XX before), but the outdoors venue and larger speakers were way better. And I saw the whole thing next to a wildly dancing but oh so happy friend of mine (Ned) and I’ll never forget it. Hearing the boom of Dance Yourself Clean and thrashing around with the crowd was spectacular. And hearing the stories and sounds of Losing My Edge was cathartic.

LCD Soundsystem