Grapetooth at West Fest

Grapetooth was a fun, tongue in cheek show on a perfect sticky summer night

Grapetooth at West Fest

Ned and I walked down to West Fest to see Grapetooth play. On the way, we walked behind a handful of twenty-somethings smoking a joint and knew we were heading to the same show.

It was way better than I expected: the music wasn’t too loud (it being a street fest and all), but catchy and poppy enough to get the crowd moving. And they moved on the stage! Backup dancers/singers, multiple costume changes (one song had the lead singer wearing boxing gloves!), and climbing up the stage scaffolding. All good ruffian/synth/punk music bits.

After the show, we walked up to Rainbo Club for a drink and ran into the lead singer. Such a small town.