Dropping Support for Webmentions

Last week I dropped support for webmentions on this site. I had implemented support for them around a year ago through a pairing of to receive them and my own custom GitHub Actions script to parse my posts and send them to supporting servers.

I dropped them because I hadn’t received a single webmention in the year of supporting them and I started seeing more and more errors when attempting to send them to recipients. I also read a few well-reasoned posts on others’ sites about how webmentions are often unintentionally sent by publishing platforms and thus have the effect of unintentionally displaying personal information on other sites. I think that, for now at least, I’m just going to step back from them.

In lieu of webmentions, because I still want to get social online, I’m going to be scripting up a better connection from posts here into the Mastodon/ActivityPub/Fediverse.