Game and drinks night at Paul and Dan’s

Game and drinks night at Paul and Dan’s

After taking the train back from the suburbs, we went straight to Paul and Dan’s for a game night. And they had come up with a dink activity for us all!

Drink Game

The rules:

  • Everyone is randomly assigned a partner
  • Everyone goes to the liquor cabinet and chooses a bottle of something that they think compliments their partner and explains why
  • That person then has to find/invent a cocktail recipe using that ingredient, and makes enough portions for everyone to try

Then, after/as we taste them all, we judge a winner based on voting/criteria:

  • Efficiency
  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Context
  • “It” factor

Dan was given a rare sherry by Marybeth. He made some passion fruit sherry drink I can’t remember. I think based on a Lost Lake...

I was given a genepy by Paul. I made a Jungle Cat, but garnished with green chartreuse-soaked carrot and tequila-painted palm fronds

Marybeth was given apricot liqueuer by Dan. She made a periodista that was tasty.

I gave Paul allspice dram and he made some tiki cocktail that was meant to be shared and it was scrumptious.

Paul and I tied for the win.