Journaling time

I make reading time for myself every day. (I am really enjoying the Reader app for consuming everything, encouraging ‘discarding’ of updates, and encouragement to note/notate what I read.) I need to writing time for myself every day as well. I have been pretty good at making a journal ‘entry’ every day now for a while, but I don’t think they’re all beneficial as sources of reflection or inspiration (what I want out of my journaling practice and content). This - right here - this is what I need to be spending more time doing. I’ve gotten better at making this time and filling it with writing practice ​at work​, but I need to make the same space and change in my personal time.

How/where can I fit it in?

How about after work hours? I can spend just a couple minutes winding my mind down with a journaling session. I have recently been doing this in my work notes, but I often find my mind straying out into personal things that I keep out of my work log, so it would be useful to write out a personal log at that time as well. Usually, at that time of day, I want to be done working but haven’t yet revitalized myself enough to go exercise or go out.

And then, of course, I should easily spend more time writing (instead of just consuming/reading) on Saturday and Sunday mornings (just like this). It’s perfect - I feel calm and reflective, Marybeth is asleep, the sun is up, etc. These are all aspects that make me want to create something and experiment.

(Listening to Ahmad Jamal Trio this morning)