My favorite fonts

My favorite fonts

I hate getting an I confused with an l confused with a 1 , so I usually favor serif fonts. But, I have to admit that for user interfaces like websites (with links and buttons and icons), sans-serif fonts work better.

For this site and generally I use IBM Plex Sans, which I love because it’s open-source and has a crossed I and disambiguated l/1 .

For monospace applications like displaying and working with tabular source code I use Berkeley Mono, which I love for much the same reasons and because it feels comfortable on my eyes. It was the first font I’ve ever paid for, but I appreciate how much time the author has put into it and I do love how it looks.

For serif applications (like book text), I prefer the Libertinus font because it is open-source and has some lovely little flourishes. I used to use this font everywhere until I realized that sans-serif fonts looks better for interfaces.

I used to think that loading custom fonts on a site was a waste of bandwidth, but I’ve come around to the idea that sites should all be personalized and I just actually think some fonts are better than others.