People will always personalize

Some time ago, a group of us from ThreadMeUp took a trip out to one of our suppliers’ warehouses.  We were given a tour of the packing floor, one with over 200 employees actively carrying products to and fro.

To transport the products from storage to a boxed shipment, each individual used what seemed like a flatbed, motorized cart. They would continuously drive the carts from location to location, a perfectly synchronized ballet around each other.

I was amazed at how different each cart appeared. It was clear that any given cart belonged only to one person. Although each was exactly the same make on model, the vast majority were covered in intricacies and decoration. It was clear that each employee had claimed his or her cart through this means of customization.

Some used wallpaper, others used artwork or drawings. Some attached cups or cardboard to their rigging with colorful tape. Even now, I can’t get it out of my head that they had customized their daily equipment so completely and without direction.