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This is a list of the 204 articles/etc. that I read in the last month. These probably weren’t all that notable to me, otherwise they’d be in my notes. But this is helpful for me to remember what I’ve read and to share with others. I also have an inbox of articles to read. I generate this page from my Readwise library using a script I wrote. Feel free to use it, too!

Title Author
Now is the time of sea shanties Garbage Day
ClickHouse vs. Elasticsearch: The Billion-Row Matchup ClickHouse
ClickHouse vs. Elasticsearch: The Mechanics of Count Aggregations ClickHouse
notifier pattern for Postgres brandur.org
Performance impact of the memoization idiom on modern Ruby Jean Boussier
Sir, there’s a cat in your mirror dimension lcamtuf
Optimizing Clickhouse: The Tactics That Worked for Us Highlight
099 + Framer cmhbarenbrug@gmail.com (Carl Barenbrug)
Our Incredible H5N1 Bird Flu Journey Today in Tabs
Xylitol: Everything You Need to Know Kris Gunnars
Classical Musician’s Approach to Beatmaking Nahre Sol
Fwd: [TR2PR] Day 1 — Kyoto to Ishibe — 42.49km Josh Beckman
Money Stuff: GameStop Is Back!? Matt Levine
Money Stuff: AMC Is Back Too Matt Levine
Work Todepond dot com
Quoting Casey Newton Simon Willison’s Weblog
Some new Browser APIs Tom MacWright
You’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes Articles on Jose M.
Money Stuff: AMC Rode the Meme Rally Matt Levine
The AI can do spreadsheets now Garbage Day
Christopher Alexander - Patterns in Architecture Peter Petrash
Test Driving ChatGPT-4o (Part 2) Sabrina Ramonov
Subconscious is winding down Gordon Brander from Subconscious
Money Stuff: Crypto Brothers Front-Ran the Front-Runners Matt Levine
Unnamed Document Patrick Rhone
Unscalable, Hand-Crafted Lists of Links Christopher Butler
2024 / May 18 / 11:56 PST Brandur Leach
A tablet (not an iPad) that I am excited about. Om Malik
P&B: Om Malik hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
GPT-3 Is the Best Journal I’ve Ever Used Dan Shipper
Applied AI Software Engineering: RAG The Pragmatic Engineer
[journal] Microblogs Without Social Media Chris Krycho (hello@chriskrycho.com)
Applied AI Software Engineering: RAG The Pragmatic Engineer
How To Do Hard Things Casey Rosengren
Adding a Watch Wearing Log to This Site Kev Quirk
2024 / May 19 / 14:31 PST Brandur Leach
2024 / May 18 / 12:42 PST Brandur Leach
My GDC ’24 Talk: The Playdate Story cabel
SHIPBREAKING Edward Burtynsky
Mapping the Mind of a Large Language Model anthropic.com
The Robert Rodriguez 10 Minute Film School (1993 / The First and Original) Marcelo Paulo De Souza
Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking CaseyNeistat
The Ages of Programming Language Creators pldb.io
The iPhone still feels like that camera. json.blog
2024 / May 23 / 17:27 PST Brandur Leach
2024 / May 23 / 10:39 PST Brandur Leach
50-Story Apartment Tower Could Come To Redeveloped Lincoln Park Shopping Plaza Patrick Filbin
Keyboards, keyboards, keyboards koaning.io
Are You REALLY a Film Maker? Van Neistat
Feynman’s Garden marginalia.nu
Hurl, the Exceptional language hurl.wtf
Before the Soul Dawn - Helen Keller on Her Life Before Self-Consciousness scentofdawn.blogspot.com
Braid-HTTP: Synchronization for HTTP braid.org
how to turn your iPhone into a dumb phone. dumbph.com
John Schulman (OpenAI Cofounder) - Reasoning, RLHF, & Plan for 2027 AGI Dwarkesh Patel
State of Affairs: May 23 Your Local Epidemiologist
age, time, and art Winnie
Sayings Todepond dot com
Group chats rule the world Sriram Krishnan
Clock speed Sriram Krishnan
Quoting Will Larson Simon Willison’s Weblog
twofold Sara Hendren
Slash Pages Robb Knight
Things the guys who have my stolen phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it Max Read
Today in Assassination Coordinates jwz
The Disappointment Frontier James Stanier
My blogging workflow hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
Some fun Google coincidences Garbage Day
Suno just raised a lot of money Garbage Day
Hello, 18F. Ethan Marcotte
Sam Altman Is Full Of Shit Edward Zitron
A Desk Setup for Two arun.is
Excuse the navel-gazing Garbage Day
I didn’t choose to be the way I am Todepond dot com
Ask HN: What is your ChatGPT customization prompt? ycombinator.com
Social media. Baldur Bjarnason’s Notes on the Web
NoCode Will Not Bring Computing to the Masses Hillel Wayne
Three weeks  
Adding Covers to Almanac Robb Knight
two-phase load and render brandur.org
On my own website Jeena
Runtime code generation and execution in Go: Part 1 BitByteWise
May 29 2024 S/FJ
“My Bike Is Everything to Me” Jason Kottke
Can he wriggle out of this jam? Garbage Day
It’s been… Matthew Haughey
Nice keyboards make me want to write blogs Cassidy Williams
What is next for Kagi Vlad
This message does not exist kmjn.org
Footwork Greg Ross
Mnmllist cmhbarenbrug@gmail.com (Carl Barenbrug)
Capsule Wardrobe cmhbarenbrug@gmail.com (Carl Barenbrug)
Blloc Phone cmhbarenbrug@gmail.com (Carl Barenbrug)
Notes on ActivityPub jmduke.com
Workspace Setup Revisited cmhbarenbrug@gmail.com (Carl Barenbrug)
Workspace Setup cmhbarenbrug@gmail.com (Carl Barenbrug)
The Gay Space Agency LensCulture
In the belly of the MrBeast Garbage Day
They might not make it hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
Parable of the Sofa ongoing by Tim Bray
Recently Tom MacWright
Art of Noise @ SFMOMA arun.is
Money Stuff: GameStop Comes Roaring Back Matt Levine
Cardboard Cathedrals Kneeling Bus
Import AI 375: GPT-2 five years later; decentralized training; new ways of thinking about consciousness and AI Jack Clark
The fourth tinylytics
The Ergo 68 Erez Zukerman - ZSA
resonance through comments Winnie
A Visit to the Eames Institute arun.is
Getting Social Online https://www.joshbeckman.org/about/
Here comes the sun(screen) Your Local Epidemiologist
The state of SourceHut and our plans for the future Drew DeVault
Investing in Creativity Christopher Butler
P&B: Matthew Graybosch hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
Chapter 1 Introduction DiscoStu
AWS Lambda Under the Hood ByteByteGo
A Measure of Intelligence Breck Yunits’ Scroll
Fluid Speech xkcd.com
Money Stuff: Dallas Needs a Stock Exchange Matt Levine
Canned cocktails Justin Duke
The Best Emacs Microfeature Fernando Borretti
An ‘anti-social network’ you post to via email subject lines Thought Shrapnel
AI-generated video is coming for your reality Thought Shrapnel
Social media without an audience Thought Shrapnel
The fight over AI biosecurity risk takes a twist By Brendan Bordelon
Unsolved Chemistry Problems xkcd.com
My personal AI research agenda, mid 2024 (and a pitch for work) Interconnected
Link – Johannes Klingebiel’s Personal Website Christopher Butler
I’ve been thinking about tradeoffs all wrong Hillel Wayne
Limited Fediverse Integration Matthew Graybosch
The Review Is the Action Item Ferd.ca
The power of an Instagram Story Garbage Day
No Wrong Doors. Irrational Exuberance
A synthesizer for thought Notion
The Night Time Sky Jim Nielsen’s Blog
Beware of Bioware danluu.com
Weeknote 04/2023 Doug Belshaw
Weeknote 06/2023 Doug Belshaw
Keeping alive the dream of an open, democratic, web-native way of giving and receiving recognition Doug Belshaw
The future of collaboration is federated Doug Belshaw
Weeknote 18/2023 Doug Belshaw
On the paucity of ‘raising awareness’ Doug Belshaw
Weeknote 28/2023 Doug Belshaw
The Threads dilemma: a lesson in cooperative decision-making Doug Belshaw
The Unseen Threads of Open Recognition Doug Belshaw
Weeknote 41/2023 Doug Belshaw
Weeknote 45/2023 Doug Belshaw
TB872: Systems lineages Doug Belshaw
TB872: Systemic inquiry as a social technology Doug Belshaw
I am so tired of moving platforms Doug Belshaw
One does not simply move off Substack Doug Belshaw
TB872: Juggling the B-ball (Being) Doug Belshaw
‘Beast mode’ as permission-seeking behaviour Doug Belshaw
Notes, Links, and Weeknotes (3 November 2023) Baldur Bjarnason’s Notes on the Web
From ‘Yellow’: Gall’s Law Baldur Bjarnason’s Notes on the Web
Foggy walk photos Baldur Bjarnason’s Notes on the Web
Links and Photos (19 February 2024) Baldur Bjarnason’s Notes on the Web
Hedge Words Affirm Creative, Imaginative Thinking Jim Nielsen’s Blog
Money Stuff: Musk Chose Who Got Chips Matt Levine
webcomic name dorrismccomics
When Water Flows Uphill SciFri
Money Stuff: Tax Deals Can Cause Conflicts Matt Levine
A Woman Who Left Society to Live With Bears Weighs in on “Man or Bear” Guest
2024, lately Matt
Balancing Tools and Culture Naz Hamid
A homepage redesign for my blog’s 22nd birthday Simon Willison’s Weblog
A Hug from Godzilla Paul Ford
Money Stuff: Banks Transfer Risk to Themselves Matt Levine
A Sketchbook in Sound Ted Reichman The New York Review of Books Ted Reichman
Eyeless in Gaza Fintan O’Toole The New York Review of Books Fintan O’Toole
Inhumane Times Joshua Leifer The New York Review of Books Joshua Leifer
Israel and Palestine: Inhumane Times Joshua Leifer The New York Review of Books Joshua Leifer
A year of new avenues Robin Sloan
I’ll take all of that ya got Robin Sloan
There’s room for everybody Robin Sloan
Attention router Robin Sloan
Crossing the Sunshine Skyway Robin Sloan
The feeling of something waiting there for you Robin Sloan
What would a wizard read Robin Sloan
The great resounding doink Robin Sloan
Leverage Robin Sloan
Is it drugs? Robin Sloan
You could extinguish a star Robin Sloan
Broken Model xkcd.com
On This Site & Financial Stability Kev Quirk
Money Stuff: Elon Says He Got His Money Matt Levine
I Know I Left Too Soon Matthew
Breaking free from the news Articles on Jose M.
the how and the why Sara Hendren
Apple is a country club Garbage Day
None Pizza with Left Beef - Wikipedia wikipedia.org
MKBHD claims that post-processing is ruining iPhone photos Filipe Espósito
Apple users are being locked out of their Apple IDs with no explanation - 9to5Mac Chance Miller
WolframAlpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT stephenwolfram.com
Where to hitch your wagon Justin Duke
Unnamed Document Patrick Rhone
Zero draft Justin Duke
Writing by hand 2024-05-17-writing-by-hand.md