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This is a list of the 148 articles/etc. that I read in the last month. These probably weren’t all that notable to me, otherwise they’d be in my notes. But this is helpful for me to remember what I’ve read and to share with others. I also have an inbox of articles to read. I generate this page from my Readwise library using a script I wrote. Feel free to use it, too!

Title Author
What Mob Programming is Bad At Hillel Wayne
Small Spaces Simon Sarris
We’re already in creative groups, they’re just not yet self-aware Yancey Strickler
Dallying with Other Browsers peter@rukavina.net (Peter Rukavina)
What if nobody owned our children’s data? Garbage Day
Schwa xkcd.com
How web bloat impacts users with slow connections danluu.com
Friction isn’t velocity. Irrational Exuberance
P&B: Sara Joy Wallén hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
It’s Official: Chicago Voters Will Decide Whether to Tax High-End Real Estate to Tackle Homelessness Kari Lydersen
Bye, Allyson ongoing by Tim Bray
Jackals, False Grails Kneeling Bus
Carousel Alex Rapine
Back to the Peninsula Craig Mod
Behind F1’s Velvet Curtain Kate Wagner
Winnie’s Bar Alex Rapine
Leadership requires taking some risk. Irrational Exuberance
The traffic firehose isn’t coming back Garbage Day
“He spoke of computers with some awe” Benjamin Breen
Still whitecaps Piper Haywood
March 11 2024 Sasha Frere-Jones
Suspicious discontinuities danluu.com
Benford’s law wikipedia.org
State’s Attorney Race Still Close Election Results Across the State WTTW News
A Lil’ Website Refresh tomcritchlow.com
machine that makes fucks Married To The Sea
Making Films and Making Websites Jim Nielsen’s Blog
Found means fixed: Introducing code scanning autofix, powered by GitHub Copilot and CodeQL Pierre Tempel
What the world needs Adactio: Journal
“Knight, With Umbrella” Greg Ross
Clout world Garbage Day
Like Water Chris Coyier
New Layout Kev Quirk
A locus of participation Mita Williams
Software is a medium of setbacks, but a medium’s limitations don’t define the artist Baldur Bjarnason
Simple Ideas For Improving Bonsai Herons Bonsai
Changing my mind, all the time Nicolas Magand
Daylight at the end of the tunnel arun.is
March 22, 2024 Chris Coyier
One endless meeting Robin Rendle
Growth is a mind cancer hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
Is cool enough? Justin Duke
I think Apple loves you’re using an older Mac json.blog
The problem of AI ethics, and laws about AI Benedict Evans
People & Blogs: Taylor Troesh Taylor Troesh (hello@taylor.town)
Will the Next Scorsese shoot with an iPhone? Ft. Ryan Ng Digital Spaghetti
An FTC report says large grocery chains “used rising costs as an… Jason Kottke
not equating reality with thinghood Sara Hendren
How I Set Up A New Laptop Henry From Online Writing
How we got here Garbage Day
GIANT Crassula Bonsai (Beware Dramatic Pruning!) Herons Bonsai
Well written self-review gets a good hike Arpit’s Newsletter
137 ☼ How I Build A Creative Habit Wesley Verhoeve - Process
P&B: Taylor Troesh hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
From ink to pixel to ink hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
Harberger Tax Venkatesh Rao
How To Build Warm Weather Wardrobe on a Budget Daniel Hakimi
popular accounts Sara Hendren
The Harberger Tax harbergertax
Ex-technology companies. Irrational Exuberance
Why we crave healthier computing Arun Venkatesan
Iverson Practice! gordievsky
Feeding Your Bonsai Trees Herons Bonsai
TIL: The roll, yaw and pitch of strawberries. koaning.io
Uncle Julio’s Closes In Lincoln Park Block Club Chicago
All the CEOs want to be podcasters now Garbage Day
On Domain Naming Chia
Top10-Mar2024 Jim Kosem
Unnamed Document Patrick Rhone
Tree Trimming Time Lapse peter@rukavina.net (Peter Rukavina)
Money Stuff: Pump and Dumps Are Legal Now Matt Levine
The practice and logic behind movement Chia
March 29, 2024 Chris Coyier
How to Concede an Election While Making It Clear That Your Ideas Are Objectively Better Chandler Dean
Two retracted studies at the Supreme Court this week Katelyn Jetelina and Heidi Moseson, PhD MPH from Your Local Epidemiologist
Inside arun.is · table of contents arun.is
25 years for Sam Bankman-Fried Molly White
Type Inference Was a Mistake Fernando Borretti
Bad Therapy David Heinemeier Hansson (dhh@hey.com)
Spuds Illustrated Greg Ross
Photek: Modus Operandi Philip Sherburne
2024 / Mar 31 / 08:54 PST Brandur Leach
2024 / Mar 31 / 06:38 PST Brandur Leach
No More Posts to Email Kev Quirk
json.blog json.blog
I’ve been reading about this xz Utils exploit and it sounds absolutely… Jason Kottke
The housing theory of everything Trevor McKendrick
A Deep Dive into Email Deliverability in 2024 Chief Science Officer
Here is why vim uses hjkl keys as arrow keys catonmat.net
The Tale of Daniel Hillel Wayne
Expose Platform APIs Over Wrapping Them Jim Nielsen’s Blog
Ideas for my dream blogging CMS Matthew Haughey
Do Human Brains Molt? Breck Yunits’ Scroll
Apple Pay for Everything peter@rukavina.net (Peter Rukavina)
How to send progress updates posts@mg.spakhm.com
From Narrow to Wide Attention Lisa Chandler
Welcome to the video bloat era Garbage Day
Yamaguchi Once More Craig Mod
Timeline of the xz open source attack Posted on Monday, April 1, 2024. Updated Tuesday, April 2, 2024. Russ Cox
When We Love, As A World Chia
Hollywood’s cheap AI fix won’t work Garbage Day
Threads is the gas-leak social network Max Read
Money Stuff: Trump Media’s Founders Are Fighting Matt Levine
A weekend on San Francisco’s Embarcadero arun.is
4 billion if statements Blabbin’
April 5 2024 S/FJ
React is old Tom MacWright
WordPress.com has Studio, a native app for running WordPress locally, and GitHub Deployments Chris Coyier
Paulo Coelho Alves and his sunny setup in Lisboa, Portugal 💻 Hacker Stations
Martini peter@rukavina.net (Peter Rukavina)
Mario meets Pareto Antoine Mayerowitz
P&B: Matt Stein hello@manuelmoreale.com (Manuel Moreale)
I read Triumph of Injustice by Emmanuel Saez & Gabriel Zucman on November 10, 2021 Tom MacWright
I read Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty on August 21, 2020 Tom MacWright
More People Buy, Number Go Up Nick Maggiulli
Pika: Start Your Happy Blog Barry Hess
Iron_Geek - Simplification of Notes and Journaling Iron_geek
Some things are too easy, some things should be hard, but I don’t think blogging should be hard json.blog
In the Path of Totality Field Notes from Christopher Brown
State of Affairs: April 9 Your Local Epidemiologist
Notes at 46 Naz Hamid
Again, my position on LLMs is that you absolutely shouldn’t be using them with very, very few exceptions Baldur Bjarnason’s Notes on the Web
My favorites from Watches and Wonders 2024 Fatih Arslan
The news is a meme Garbage Day
OSQI ongoing by Tim Bray
Cow Magnets Stanford Magnets
visual journal – 2024 March 31 - April 6 Christopher Butler
Deep Bug kontakt@marginalia.nu (Viktor Lofgren)
Going in circles without a real-time clock rachelbythebay.com
Abstract methods and NotImplementedError in Ruby Nithin Bekal
R&D Case Study: Developing the OptiGap Sensor System paulbupe
Why I recommend Renovate over any other dependency update tools Jamie Tanna Software Engineer
Some notes on for loops buttondown.email
Some notes on for loops Hillel Wayne
Wiring Your House for Networking Saagar Jha
These 8 Projects Aim To Better Protect Pedestrians, Cyclists In Lincoln Square, North Center Alex V. Hernandez
Shutting Down My Job Board for Software Engineering Positions After 2.5 Years Gergely Orosz
Social media without an audience Thought Shrapnel
How Copilot will lead to hiring more developers, not less marcelo.rinesi
أحمد [Ahmed]: Wood Blues Matthew Blackwell
Sitting in a Tree xkcd.com
The Brazilianization of the Internet Kneeling Bus
EchoFeed Robb Knight
Joanna Stern’s Humane AI Pin Review John Gruber
Unnamed Document Patrick Rhone
visual journal – 2024 April 7 - April 12 Christopher Butler
The Gmail of the fediverse looms Garbage Day
Why do we use social media? Max Read

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