Reading List: Inbox

This is a list of the 61 articles/etc. that I added to my reading list queue in the last month. I also have an archive of the last month’s reading.

Title Site Read in app
A Fast, Minimal Memory, Consistent Hash Algorithm arXiv.org Read
The Design Principles of the Elixir Type System arXiv.org Read
touching computers substack.com Read
Why Natalie Lynn’s Videos Look Like Movies YouTube Read
Tigre Alex Rapine’s Bar Tab Read
🔶🟥🔵 Alex Rapine’s Bar Tab Read
Ray Ban’s Hexagonal Flat Lenses Alex Rapine’s Bar Tab Read
The Hook: Scene Transitions in Classical Cinema Observations on film art Read
A Rant About “Technology” Ursula K. Le Guin Read
beyond the SCT: ethics and context for engineers sarahendren.com Read
Dead air on the incident call Dan Slimmon Read
A MANUAL OF Mending and Repairing WITH DIAGRAMS BY Charles Godfrey Leland —— NEW YORK DODD, MEAD AND COMPANY 1896 iv gutenberg.org Read
A Commentary on Defining Observability ferd.ca Read
The Big Kahuna: Danny DeVito’s monologue YouTube Read
What if the spec doesn’t match the code? buttondown.email Read
20 Years of Not Even Wrong columbia.edu Read
Senior-and-Above Compensation in Tech Substack Read
Who will build new search engines for new personal AI agents? interconnected.org Read
Money Stuff: Bitcoin Had a Flash Crash (newsletter) Read
04: photography as a result of life Rebecca Toh’s Untitled Project Read
Programming Sucks stilldrinking.org Read
The Baffling Intelligence of a Single CellThe story of E. coli chemotaxis jsomers.net Read
The Pulse #86: Is Shopify’s new “mastery” framework a response to higher interest rates? Substack Read
Keyboard-first apps robinrendle.com Read
Marius Masalar Marius Masalar Read
A Surprising Advantage of Vinyl Tumblr Read
After burns Substack Read
Everyone is John Everyone-is-John Read
Why I went back to buying CDs (and you should too) CJ Chilvers Read
P&B: Adrianna Tan manuelmoreale.com Read
Nest builders of the Worm Moon Substack Read
Unusual Tips for Parenting Toddlers Math ∩ Programming Read
Money Stuff: Trump Media’s Business Doesn’t Matter (newsletter) Read
Use weird tests to capture tacit knowledge Justin Duke Read
Recently macwright.com Read
Money Stuff: A Hedge Fund That’s Also a Newspaper (newsletter) Read
Is it drugs? Robin Sloan Read
Anatomy of a credit card rewards program Bits about Money Read
A 600-Year-Old Blueprint for Weathering Climate Change The Atlantic Read
Traveling neighborhoods: a different kind of group trip devonzuegel.com Read
IVF egg retrieval notes devonzuegel.com Read
The Small Web ♥️ Blogrolls Adding a Random Post Button to Kirby Read
Your Coupon for ZSA Cards zsa.io Read
The art, science, theory, and practice of perceiving yourself She’s A Beast Read
Introduction rtqe.net Read
Organizational Changelog Jesse McGinnis Read
It’s Not What the World Needs Right Now The Baffler Read
Money Stuff: Public Markets Are the New Private Markets (newsletter) Read
My advice for how to use LLMs in your product. lethain.com Read
How Movements Win Liberal Currents Read
Where You Should Put Your Money (And When) Of Dollars And Data Read
Money Stuff: A Meme Stock for Private Companies (newsletter) Read
Building reliable systems out of unreliable agents Rainforest QA Blog Software Testing Guides Read
Money Stuff: Super Users Had Inflation Questions (newsletter) Read
western civ has fallen: scrabble together maya.land Read
Shabaka: Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace Pitchfork Read
Reyna Tropical: Malegría Pitchfork Read
Money Stuff: Tech Employees Want to Diversify (newsletter) Read
Cindy Lee: Diamond Jubilee Pitchfork Read
P&B: Tracy Durnell manuelmoreale.com Read
Blockin’ bots. ethanmarcotte.com Read

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