Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

I finished reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow on Christmas Day This book was a bit slow for me to start, but (as evidenced by me finishing it in ~2w) easy to finish. I read the vast majority of it while seated on the plane to and from Florida.

I appreciated the style of dialogue used by the author to build scenes. There wasn’t a lot of flowery language to describe actions - mostly just direct statements by the characters that allowed the scenes to unfold quickly and change direction easily.

I am a sucker for a story that uses format to its advantage, and that’s the main reason I think I loved this story as a book. The reflection of plot to mirror the concept of gameplay, the structure of each section to mirror the game being built; the book holds the story together, especially after a step backward as you finish the full arc.

I loved reading the author’s notebook in the appendix. It, along with the scenes throughout of the team building the games, reminded me a lot of the Prince of Persia book. I think they are lovely complements to each other, and if you’re interested in the process of game/world building, you should read them both.