A Recommendation of Jack Kent

A Recommendation of Jack Kent

Working with Jack is extremely rewarding, because I know he will always guide us to the best interface for the customer. His research into the mind and environment of the user is unparalleled and he has a fantastic ability to lead a group through fruitful design sprints. I learned a great deal from his practice of honing a user interface to intuitive, evolving components.

Jack’s knowledge of the customer is beyond any that I’ve seen in other designers. He lead research interviews that we referenced directly in our end results. His thinking process always starts and ends with the user’s own mindset, which ensures solid ground for the final products. It is always easy to talk with Jack about why he chose a design pattern, simply because he usually references direct experience with our research.

Working an engineered functionality into a design can be difficult at times, but Jack is an invaluable resource here. He has enough knowledge and skill to not only predict and avoid common pitfalls but also contribute directly to the development of the features he designs. Through the cycle of usability feedback, he can build, test, and update adjustments to the code reliably, which greatly advances the whole team.

I will always reference Jack’s guidance when conducting user interviews or operating in a design sprint: I have a quote from him taped to the wall beside me. His considerations and conversations have changed my own thinking of the end-user. I would want him to lead any designs that I build or use in the future.