A Recommendation of Vaibhav Krishna Guruswamy

I have known Krishna since interviewing him over a scrambled, laggy Skype connection for a position with me at Aggrego. That was in December of 2013. We decided to hire him, and I am lucky we did.

At Aggrego, Krishna rose from helping me scaffold out products in multiple languages to conceiving entire queueing and caching systems on his own. He fit into our process seamlessly, and was a continuously surprising source of deep-code knowledge. His algorithmic approach to our codebase was an important asset.

Krishna is undoubtedly one of the most open, eager learners I have ever met. I have never regretted mulling over a problematic architecture with him. He seizes upon new topics and languages with a fervor unmatched.

When he either agrees or disagrees with me on a particular tack taken against an algorithm, Krishna will approach both in the same calm, constructive manner. He is better than me at abstract algorithmic theory, and I have repeatedly gone straight to him with problems. He is perpetually eager to solve them, and will often suggest applications of his own for a given solution.

As a friend, he is understanding, humble, and honest. Krishna is the ultimate source of knowledge for Christopher Nolan filmography and theoretical interview questions. I always enjoy our wide-ranging conversations. He is always striving for better understanding, but has the ability to recognize the place he has already achieved. He is a wonderful influence.

As of this writing, Krishna’s website is starkly situated at