Weeding The Edges

A thought I wrote in the margins while reading an essay on online-space-gardening by Annika Hansteen-Izora in the Can You Imagine? zine:

Walk the edges of your garden and weed out or support/connect blossoms and vines and sprouts.

I think I want to take more than names from gardening while I’m building up this site-as-a-tool for myself. I want to take practices - ones that have been learned through the act of cultivation in the oldest form.

So I think my notes garden is sufficiently large now that I need to tend to the edges. An edge is anywhere that the thinking is sparse. This might be because I’m branching out into a new topic, where I want to nurture the reach and actively find and learn more about it. Or I can add support to it by linking it more deeply to other growth in the garden, or pour more of my own thoughts into it so that it may bear fruit.

Or it may be sparse because I’m losing interest in that area, or no longer want it in my environment; these I should weed out of the library.

I should build this practice into this online space: find notes and posts that have only a handful of connections and/or don’t have my own thinking attached to them (“living on an edge”) and force myself to reconsider them. Taking a stroll around the edge.