What’s Up?

What’s Up?

Hey, long time no talk.

Once upon a time you visited my website - probably years ago - because you know me or because you read something I wrote online and liked it. And so you signed up for newsletter posts from me.

Since then, a pandemic started, I moved, I started a new job, I got marrried, I sent no newsletters, posted no writing.

Recently, things have started to settle down for me. I’ve been fully off social media for a few years, but I still like communicating with people. And, sometimes, I have some experience or research that I think can help other people.

So, here I am trying to write and create again. I made a new website, starting a new newsletter - I’m here to say hello again. I’m planning to write about technology industry stuff, photos and walks from around Chicago or other trips, open source software thoughts, that kind of thing. I’m thinking the mood is going to be a mix of technology writing and documentary photography, with personal workspace posts interspersed.

If that doesn’t sound like the kind of email you want in your inbox, unsubscribe at the bottom of this one. No hard feelings at all. Otherwise, if you’re still on board with hearing about what I create, I’ll keep you posted.

Want to see something recent that should indicate what you’ll receive?

Spam Accounts in 2022
I fell down this rabbit hole while trying to investigate some spammy account behavior on Narro. I’ve been running Narro as a SAAS application with a free trial for several years now, which means I have dealt with a lot of spam account creation. Every once in a while, when

I started investigating some spam account behavior on a site I run and wrote up the trail I followed and what I learned along the way. This post became pretty popular on Hacker News after one of their moderators found it.