The process [of regenerative ag] is expensive, since farmers...

The process [of regenerative ag] is expensive, since farmers who embrace it must limit or forego cash crops.”

What the actual fuck is happening is in this quote. Does Larissa just not know what a cash crop is? The article has several different examples, not only of people growing regenerative crops to sell in the marketplace (making them by definition, cash crops), but even of large-scale farmers growing essentially commodity grains and earning a premium! Expense is always relative. Imagine if this sentence said, “The process of making jumbo jets is expensive, since Boeing must limit or forego the building of Sesnas and crop dusters.” In a sentence, it underlines the essential assumption that natural state of American agriculture is growing food badly and cheaply, and that to ask farmers to do otherwise is ask them to do something that, since they don’t want to do it, must be the wrong thing to do. Regeneratively grown crops are cash crops. And no one is entitled to easy work.