[Noriaki Kano], a Japanese researcher and consultant, publis...

Noriaki Kano, a Japanese researcher and consultant, published a paper in 1984[1] with a set of ideas and techniques that help us determine our customers’ (and prospects’) satisfaction with product features. These ideas are commonly called the Kano Model and are based upon the following premises:

  • Customers’ Satisfaction with our product’s features depends on the level of Functionality that is provided (how much or how well they’re implemented);
  • Features can be classified into four categories;
  • You can determine how customers feel about a feature through a questionnaire.

Categories are:

  • Attractive (high satisfaction and functionality)
  • Performance (medium satisfaction and functionality)
  • Must-Be (low satisfaction, high functionality, aka table-stakes),
  • Indifferent (low satisfaction and functionality)