The six actionable principles for a new ultrastructure that ...

The six actionable principles for a new ultrastructure that follow can help each of us make decisions about infrastructure in a wide range of different contexts. They are also values to articulate and defend.

Plan for abundant energy and finite materials.

Design for resilience. What we will need from our infrastructural systems more and more is for them to be resilient, able to absorb uncertainty and changing circumstances, either without failing or by failing gracefully, and reversibly, rather than unexpectedly or catastrophically.

Build for flexibility. Flexible exploratory, and contingent models of infrastructural systems are likely to be a better match for both the uncertainty and the opportunity of the 21st-century and beyond.

Ethics of care. Like infrastructure itself and ethics of care is collective and relational, which also makes it consistent with infrastructure as a public good, not as private provision or individual responsibility.

We need to be able to recognize articulate prioritize and defend the non-monetary benefits of these systems.

The main difference between investor owned, and community lead infrastructure isn’t about the investment itself. It’s that the first centralizes the financial benefits to a small group and the latter leads to more diffuse benefits. 

These sound similar to the words of the honorable harvest.