Perfectionism is a form of arrogance. Disruptive perfectioni...

Perfectionism is a form of arrogance. Disruptive perfectionism is a form of cowardice.

[…] I don’t think we can get to perfectionism. Perfectionism isn’t up to us; but there’s this excellent standard, and then good enough standard, and I am a good enough artist.

My overriding rule is “get it done.” It’s: “finish the project.”

That’s what I’m optimized for: finish the project. Finish it by Thursday, so that I can upload it. And that includes: if I’m making a parachute roll up device for my truck and I’m making a video about it, I’ve got to make both by Friday.

Therefore, I have to cut corners. Which is a workaround (essentially) and with enough workarounds you develop a style and you develop technique that might be your own and as a result if you’re lucky you may develop originality. And hopefully I have a degree of that, but it comes from this “good enough” attitude.

Publishing is everything. And the workarounds you make to actually get to publishing defines your style: it’s how you exercise decisive control and it’s how others will identify you.

No one is identified with perfection - you’re identified with the little touches you focus on or leave out and your reasons for doing so.