I hate camera movement.  - Really?  Sometimes it's necessary...

I hate camera movement.

  • Really?

Sometimes it’s necessary, totally necessary. But if you watch my videos, nine out of 10 shots are static. I hate camera movement.

  • Why? Do you know why?

Because as a human being, if you watch any mom film, or kid at the park, or the dog running around, it’s always mimicking how your head works. But - I don’t know how many frames per second our eyeballs are, but - our eyeballs and our brain can process so much data. And these wide-angle eyes, and we can process this data. See you would think intuitively you could do the same with the camera. You absolutely cannot. So there’s so much fucking information in this shot. If the camera is moving, it’s - wow! - let the action move, not the camera.