J.J. Abrams talks about withholding information. And releasi...

J.J. Abrams talks about withholding information. And releasing only bits and pieces of information.

The scariest monster movies never show the monster.

Exactly. And you’re doing the same thing. You show us the face now, but you don’t, we don’t know his name yet. And, we don’t know what he did yet.

Yeah. (inquisitive music) - [Speaker] He’s flying! - Oh my God! (indistinct) - [Casey] What’s up? - What’s up, bro, bro? I love your style. - [Casey] Jariko, what’s your background.

And now we learn his name. But that’s like 30 seconds-ish, between when you set up there’s a person, and then we finally find out his name, 30 seconds later.

Introduction visually without giving a name, or introduction in description only without revealing an image, allows the viewer to build up the other half of the representation, which builds tension, which can be released by the director providing the other half dramatically or at the right time.