Amtrac & Tourist at Concord

Amtrac & Tourist at Concord



We were supposed to have our nieces staying with us all weekend but they got sick on Friday, so Marybeth and I snagged a couple tickets to the Amtrac & Tourist concert at Concord Theater. A group of our friends were already planning to go, so everything kind of just fell into place.

This was my third time seeing Tourist (previously, previously) and the last time was exactly one year ago which was kind of cool to find in my journal.

We were all pretty excited to see Amtrac, and his set was fine, but pretty mellow as the opener. Tourist was also gentler and more mellow than I remembered, but he got the tempo going toward the end of the show so it was good enough for me. He had some great visuals of synchronized swimming which reminded me a lot of Jesse Lanza’s shows.

Getting early to Connord and getting a spot on the rial behind the sound board is just the perfect place for a group going to a show.