A Recommendation of Lauren Polkow

A Recommendation of Lauren Polkow

When I sat down with Lauren for the first time, I knew immediately that it was the chance of a lifetime to work with her. Such a spark of energy, intelligence, and enthusiasm for the customer walked into the room that it was impossible to resist the opportunity to learn. She is one of the best guides I have found, and the best product leader that I have known.

Lauren leads a team better than anyone else I have seen. She is constantly aware of each member’s strengths, past experiences, career goals, and weekend plans. Able to see potential conflict from miles away, she has the skill to fit others into effective groups that produce exceptional products. I constantly reflect on her words and actions of encouragement or guidance and find new ways to improve myself. Our team was able to deliver because Lauren steered us through conflict and growth to internal understanding.

Backed by thorough customer research and data, Lauren’s product roadmaps and vision are amazingly powerful. Her strong compassion for the customer and desire to know their entire mind ensures that every feature is grounded in utility and delight. She is always pulling informative data out of products, datastores, and customers themselves to validate and guide the company.

Whatever Lauren envisions will form on solid ground. Whatever she works on will be better for it. Whoever she leads will be my envy. Her skill in building a product, inside and out, will continue to be an aspiration of mine and a beacon wherever she goes.