This is still a work-in-progress.

Probably something like: each post has a latitude and longitude and they’re all displayed on a map.


Twenty-Sided Tavern Premiere Trip

We traveled to Brooklyn for the weekend to see our friend Maddie pr...

Steve Reed’s 50th Birthday in Disneyworld


After Traveling: Joshua Tree

Scrambling around the playground that is Joshua Tree national park

After Traveling: Death Valley

I went through and selected a first edit of my photos from Death Va...

Away in California This Week

I'm away, hiking, scrambling, breathing in California

Renting A Cabin With Friends

Highly recommended. Doesn't matter where you go.


Indigenous Peoples Day Walk

Walking the I&M Canal on a warm fall holiday.

Work Trip to Vancouver

Our team went to a Shopify Burst in Vancouver in the beginning of June.

Puerto Rico 2022

Marybeth and I flew down to Puerto Rico to celebrate our friend Val being ten years cancer free.

Miami and Key West

Marybeth, Paul, Dan, and I traveled down the keys and back to MIA.