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GitHub - Exo-Explore/Exo: Run Your Own AI Cluster at Home With Everyday Devices 📱💻 🖥️⌚

Epistemic Calibration and Searching the Space of Truth

Rainbow Box - Wikipedia

> Unix Timestamp, or Even Integer Based UTC Datetimes Work Perfectly Fine.

Cyber Criminals Impersonating Brands Using Search Engine Advertisement Services to Defraud Users

Dont Have F-You Money? Build an F-You Network.

What Is Old Is New Again

Digital Déjà Vu

PySkyWiFi: Completely Free, Unbelievably Stupid Wi-Fi on Long-Haul Flights

Board Meeting Suggestions

Geomys, a Blueprint for a Sustainable Open Source Maintenance Firm

Turbopuffer: Fast Search on Object Storage

Building Search-Based RAG Using Claude, Datasette and Val.Town

I’ve Stopped Using Box Plots. Should You?

I Will Fucking Piledrive You if You Mention AI Again

Given That Devs Spend the Effort They Do on Testing, What Can We Do to Improve Testing?

A Discussion of Discussions on AI Bias

Like Rocks, Like Water

Research!rsc: What Is Software Engineering?

Hurl, the Exceptional Language

Building Personal and Organizational Prestige

Test Driving ChatGPT-4o

Runtime Code Generation and Execution in Go: Part 1

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Before the Soul Dawn - Helen Keller on Her Life Before Self-Consciousness

Feynman's Garden

Mapping the Mind of a Large Language Model

John Schulman (OpenAI Cofounder) - Reasoning, RLHF, & Plan for 2027 AGI

Performance Impact of the Memoization Idiom on Modern Ruby

The Psychology of Money

Thinking in Systems


Ruby Might Be Faster Than You Think

The Hunt for the Missing Data Type

A Man Passes Away Without a Word in the Mountains of North Carolina, and His Grandson Sets Out to Write About the Importance of a Seemingly Unimportant Life.

Some Notes on for Loops

I Read Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty on August 21, 2020

Mario Meets Pareto: Multi-Objective Optimization of Mario Kart Builds

Here Is Why Vim Uses HJKL Keys as Arrow Keys

Feeding Your Bonsai Trees

The Harberger Tax

GIANT Crassula Bonsai

Will the Next Scorsese Shoot With an iPhone? | Ft. Ryan Ng

Software Is a Medium of Setbacks, but a Medium’s Limitations Don’t Define the Artist

Benford's Law - Wikipedia

Suspicious Discontinuities

Leadership Requires Taking Some Risk.

Behind F1's Velvet Curtain

How Web Bloat Impacts Users With Slow Connections

Simon Wardley - X Marks the Spot

Cyclomatic Complexity - IBM Documentation

An Introduction to Robust-First Computation

Introduction | Protagonist (ENFJ) Personality | 16Personalities

Use the SCARF Model to Understand Our Individual Triggers

5 THE INVESTIGATOR Enneagram Type Five

Inside the DETAILED Mind of @Vanneistat

Casey Neistat's SECRET to Filmmaking

Chris Lattner: Future of Programming and AI | Lex Fridman Podcast #381

Understanding Master Shots in Cinematography

Air Safety Support International

37 Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I’d Known Earlier

More (Self-)Publishing Thoughts.

Trapped in a Values Oasis.

Unix and Google

CTI Summit Keynote - Cliff Stoll - (Still) Stalking the Wily Hacker

LAIR - Language as Intermediate Representation

Everything | Gameplay Film

I Always Liked Anthony Bourdain's Take on 'Meez' From Kitchen Confidential: *Mis... | Hacker News

Mise-en-Place for Knowledge Workers: 6 Practices for Working Clean - Forte Labs

Unnamed Document

Things Become Other Things

When Your Purpose Is 1-of-1

Effective ML

Affordance for Errors, Part 2

People Do Things for Reasons

Conflict Is Not Abuse

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wearable Tech

Inside Stripe’s Engineering Culture: Part 2


Search and Replace in Multiple Buffers

Praise for Land Is a Big Deal by Lars A. Doucet

A Pro-Worker Work Ethic the Gray Area With Sean Illing

Lab Girl

Bloom Filter - Wikipedia

Shifting Approaches: From an Idea-Driven to a Problem-Driven Mindset. | by Daniela Castro | Medium

Notational Intelligence |

Notes on Time

Working in Public

Building an Antilibrary: The Power of Unread Books

Agentic Computing

Robustness Principle

To Own the Future, Read Shakespeare

The Goal of Data Analysis Is to Kill Time

The World and the Machine

Notes From “An Approach to Computing and Sustainability Inspired From Permaculture” by Devine LuLinvega


The Principal Engineer's Handbook

Cory Doctorow: Writing in the Age of Distraction

The Duty to Document

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Post From Erin Kissane

A Frivolous Feature

In Fast Evolving Fields It’s Always All About Sociology, Not Canon or Pedagogy. Meaning in New Fields Is Created in Community (Constructionism).

Notes on How Big Things Get Done

No Other Gods

Braiding Sweetgrass

Letter From New York

Unlocking Continuous Delivery

How Infrastructure Works

Post From Jacobian

A Guide to Ikebana Flower Arranging

Contemplating Calendars

Navigating Personal Information With Care

Take Your Pragmatism for a Unicycle Ride

The Bond Villain Compliance Strategy

A Fourth One-Off Never-to-Be-Etc Acts Not Facts Weeknote

Money Stuff: OpenAI Is Still an $86 Billion Nonprofit

Time, Clocks and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System

God Did the World a Favor by Destroying Twitter

Should You Be Getting Botox? Welcome to Ask Ugly, Our New Beauty Column!

It's About Time!

Fact vs. Delta Event Types | Events and Event Streaming

Reclaim Unreasonable Software.

Scaling People

Notes on the Crux


Measure Twice, Vise Thrice.

The Black Swan

Why Veteran-Artists Don't Quit

Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 Real Software Engineering by Glenn Vanderburg

I Hereby Pardon All Junior Engineers

Knuth Airgaps & Knuth Buffers

Edward Tufte Forum: Book Design: Advice and Examples

Catnip for Perfectionists

A Grand Unified Theory of Buying Stuff

'Propositions as Types' by Philip Wadler

LED Task Lamp Adjusted via Two Conductive Ball Joints. This Light Was Exhibited at the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York.

Does Sketching Work?

Apple’s Blue Ocean

How Do You Take the Average of Two Timestamps?

Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement

Bret Victor the Future of Programming

The Value of Values With Rich Hickey

Week 315 – Blog – BERG

The Art of Working in Public / Robin

Gopherfest 2015 | Go Proverbs With Rob Pike

Street Life

Oozy Intelligence in Slow Time

Systemantics. The Systems Bible

Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming

Entity Component System - Wikipedia

The Slotted Counter Pattern

Software Disenchantment

Optimism vs Pessimism in Distributed Systems

A Journey to the Valley of the Chatbots

Making CRDTs 98% More Efficient

Manage Your Capacity, Not Your Time

Rails World 2023 Opening Keynote - David Heinemeier Hansson

The SUX Rule for Safer Code

Import AI 343: Humanlike AI; LLaMa 2 Protests; The NSA's New AI Center

No Meat Required

Why Everything Should Have a URL | Ben Balter

Rain Lilies and Robots

TBM 242: The Simplicity Fetish

Read Widely, Apply Selectively, Share Regardless

George Orwell: The Freedom of the Press

I Remember an Old PhD Comics Strip Where a Professor Says “Remember Kids, the On...

17th-Century Whaler Problems

The Carrot Problem

Money Stuff: IRL’s Users Were Not IRL

Birth, Against Cynical Realism

Manage Your Priorities and Energy.


Josh Thoughts

Money Stuff: The Moon Emoji Is Securities Fraud

Evolving Floorplans

Matt Eich: “I Don’t Dress Loud, I Don’t Walk Loud, I Don’t Talk Loud”

In Eliyahu M. Goldratt's 'Theory of Constraints', You Can't Increase the Throughput of a Factory by Making Each Step in the Manufacturing Process Faster [1,2].

This Reminds Me of the Story Where a Houston Airport Kept Getting Complaints Fro... | Hacker News

The Psychology of Money

Simplification Protocol

A Philosophy of Software Design

Time Is Your Hands Cooling, Time Is Dust, Time Is Beans, Time Is the Literal Tree in Front of You

The Gardening of Frederick Douglass

2 Thoughts on “Resilience Requires Helping Each Other Out”

The Napkin Math Methodology for System Design

Eternal Woodstock

Money Stuff: It's Easy to Make Oil Companies ESG

In Defense of Slow Feedback Loops

There Is No Number One Tip

Note on Data Opposing Narrative

Personal Machines and Portable Worlds

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Moat

Levels of Automation

Inclusiveness in Language for Outsiders Looking In

Money Stuff: Small Banks Don’t Like High Rates

I’m Looking Through All the Apollo Mission Photos, Starting at the End (Apollo 17) and Working Backwards. This Is Apollo

Wavelights and AIs as Strategic Amplifiers

Everything I Know About Gardening

On U.S. Cuisine

Allegory of the Long Spoons

Playing With ActivityPub

Ken Britton Thoughts

Jeff Bruton Thoughts

Chapter 1 Introduction

Social Media and 'Parasocial Media'


Imaginary Problems Are the Root of Bad Software

Embrace Complexity; Tighten Your Feedback Loops

Stevey's Google Platforms Rant

A Pattern Language

Monitoring Is a Pain

About Free Software

Money Stuff: Big Firms Want Normal Crypto Markets

Language Pragmatics Engineering

Test Autodiscovery Is a Silver Bullet

Software: It's a Gas

An Elegant Puzzle

CSS Boost

More Than Interfaces. To Quote McLuhan: 'Man Becomes, as It Were, the Sex Organs... | Hacker News

TDD - Outside in vs Inside Out

Money Stuff: Don’t Insider Trade Drunk on the Squash Court

Some Tests Are Stronger Than Others

Money Stuff: Regional Banks Don’t Feel Loved

The Error Model

Perlis Thompson Principle

Greenspun's Tenth Rule


Language Model Sketchbook, or Why I Hate Chatbots

Parse, Don’t Validate


DeVito on Life

The Dream of the Personal Machine

Money Stuff: The SEC Comes for Crypto

Intravenous Caffeine

Inside Shopify's Leveling Split: Exclusive

Agency and Schooling

Welcome to the Supercloud

Why Software Patents Are Bad, Period.

How to Make a Difference: In People's Lives, the Community, & the World

The Respect of Personhood vs the Respect of Authority

Extract the Kernel.

Hand Talk

Muscle–Organ Crosstalk: The Emerging Roles of Myokines - PMC

Resurfacing ‘Life’s Swell,’ the Story That Produced ‘Blue Crush’

The Minimal Definition of User Agency

'Humanity’s Digital Public Square”

Tokyo’s Trash-Collecting Samurai Takes a Fun, Zany Approach to Cleanup | Hacker News

Money Stuff: Can Markets Handle the Debt Ceiling?

Design Is Commitment + Provisionality

Gresham's Law - Wikipedia

Compiler Design

Protocol Fiction, Desire, and Belief

Managing State With Signals

Responsibility Assignment Matrix - Wikipedia

What Is the RAMBO Model?

Systems Design 2: What We Hope We Know

Fast as a Service

Does the Number of Reps Matter? Yes. Why? I’ll Tell You

Heaven Is a Truck

'Keep Posting the Ronjak'

The Surprising Ease and Effectiveness of Looping AI

How to Plan as an Engineering Executive.

Explaining Tech's Notion of Talent Scarcity

When to Prefer Inheritance to Composition

Money Stuff: First Republic Calls in a Favor

Google 'We Have No Moat, and Neither Does OpenAI'

The 14 Year Old Boy Alignment Problem, Future Shock, and AI Microscopes

Amdahl's Law - Wikipedia

In Defense of Food

The Other Side of Egoism

Feynman’s Maze-Running Story

Context Coloring

The Afterlife of Go

Lindy Effect

Money Stuff: JPMorgan Got a Deal on First Republic

Why Chatbots Are Not the Future

Good Hypergrowth/Curator Manager.

Unpacking Lares: Our 2 Minute Pitch for an AI-powered Slightly-Smarter-Home

Evolution of Florida Vaccine Analysis

Practical Frameworks for Beating Burnout

Double Descent in Human Learning

The GPT-3 Architecture, on a Napkin

This Is Where I’m at Too.

Teams Should Be an MVP Feature!

Efficiency Trades Off Against Resiliency - Made of Bugs

The Four Hobbies, and Apparent Expertise

Balancing Your CEO, Peers, and Engineering.

Staff Archetypes

I Liked This Simple Calculus Exercise

In Praise of Pastiche

The Creative Act

How to Do Hard Things

We Need to Tell People ChatGPT Will Lie to Them, Not Debate Linguistics

Avoidance Speech

Studio Project #1: Ornament

Wholeness and Centers

Studio Project #3: A House for Oneself

Cheating Is All You Need

Onboarding Peer Executives.

Clocks and Causality - Ordering Events in Distributed Systems

The Shock and Awe of State-Sponsored Women’s Fashion

Ergonomic APIs, Channel Invariants, and Data Views

When and How to Say No at Work


Money Stuff: SVB’s Depositors Weren’t Very Loyal

Generative AI Is Just Productivity Software

Glamorize Your Problem Domain

Door-in-the-Face Technique - Wikipedia

Banking in Very Uncertain Times

Systems Design Explains the World: Volume 1

Why Is Finance So Complex?

Money Stuff: Big Banks Trust First Republic With Their Money

Making Memes

Why You Need a Project, a Phrase I Will 100% Use, and a Great List of the Best People in PR

28: Out of the Valley - By Nadia - Monomythical

Using Cultural Survey Data.

Lean Into Your Imposter Syndrome

Money Stuff: SVB Took the Wrong Risks

Implementing SLOs

An Infinite Number of Monkeys Eventually Wrote This Blog Post

The Design of Everyday Things

Maybe Treating Housing as an Investment Was a Colossal, Society-Shattering Mistake

Talon Is Amazing

Sacred Talk

What Is Art?

Understanding Power

Good Decision-Making Is Good Process

There Are Just Bodies, Just Us

Building Your Executive Network.

> a Lot of Colleagues Don't Know How to Give Good Situation Reports.

Money Stuff: Wirecard Had a Wild Run

The VC's Customer

They/Them NATO

🕵️‍♂️ the Case for Integrity Workers

Notes on Creative Context

KYC and AML: Beyond the Acronyms

How Io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux

Eiswein for Entwives

Josh's Thoughts

What Is Apache Flink? — Architecture

Consistent Hashing Algorithm

Dispatches From Childhood

Tinkering With Hyperlinks

Responsible AI Pair Programming With GitHub Copilot

How Should You Talk to ChatGPT? A User’s Guide

The Complete Guide to the Kano Model

Conjuring an Evolution to Serve You

Data and Reality

South Park

So Many Books

On Martinis 🍸

How Box Breathing Can Help You Destress

How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking (For Students, Academics and Nonfiction Book Writers) – Sönke Ahrens

Six Tips on Writing From John Steinbeck

Writing, Riffs & Relationships

The Wisdom of James Mickens

High Output Management

How Buildings Learn

Systemantics. The Systems Bible

The Umami Theory of Value: Autopsy of the Experience Economy

The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial

Ice Watching: Lake Michigan's Spiritual Practice

The Gift of It's Your Problem Now

Money Stuff: The SEC Comes for Crypto Custody

Move Past Incident Response to Reliability

Text Is All You Need

An Expertise Acceleration Experiment in Judo

Nadia Asparouhova

Key Words for Use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels

People Can Read Their Manager's Mind

# Core Concepts

Letters From a Self-Made Merchant to His Son Being the Letters Written by John Graham, Head of the House of Graham & Company, Pork-Packers in Chicago, ... Known to His Intimates as 'Piggy.'

Athletes and Musicians Pursue Virtuosity in Fundamental Skills Much More Rigorously Than Knowledge Workers Do

Knowledge Work Rarely Involves Deliberate Practice

Writing an Engineering Strategy.

Please Don't Trust Twitter With Your Credit Card Info

Soup, Then Prayers

Bing AI Can't Be Trusted

Repetition Makes Lies Seem True, but Repetition Also Makes Truth Seem True. All Persuasion (And Indoctrination) Happens Through Repetition, Whether in a Classroom Setting, a Forum Like This One, or in Sales.

Napkin Math

The Secret Ingredient: Lion's Mane

Christopher Alexander: A Primer

Notes From Pennsylvania

Of Digital Streams, Campfires and Gardens

Max Pain

Why Not Mars

How It Started / How It's Going

Money Stuff: Bed Bath & Beyond Got Its Deal Done

Cultivating Depth and Stillness in Research

Programmable Notes

Folk Interfaces

Epistemic Disclosure

Focal Point

Fwd: Import AI 317: DeepMind Speeds Up Language Model Sampling; Voice Cloning Tech Gets Abused; More Scaling Laws for RL

*Elon Musk Voice* Concerning

Better to Micromanage Than Be Disengaged.

The Technology Behind GitHub’s New Code Search

Tools for Thought Rocks: April 2022 - Maggie Appleton, Hunter Clarke

Pluralistic: Tiktok's Enshittification

Crossing the Sunshine Skyway

Memberships Work

#200: All Tomorrow's Parties

Culture vs Systems.

Unlocking the Commons

Sisyphus Got That Dawg in Him

A New New Year

Estimating Square Roots in Your Head

Most Recent Posts

The Dream of “End-User Programming” Is Still Too Far Away. Let’s Set Our Sights on “End-Programmer Programming” First.

I’m Now a Full-Time Professional Open Source Maintainer

Money Stuff: The SEC Wants to See More Phones

Are We Still in a COVID-19 Emergency?

Unlocking the Commons and Collective Micropatronage

Money Stuff: AMC Has Some Clever APEs

Should Private Platforms Engage in Censorship?

Money Stuff: Johnson & Johnson’s Bankruptcy Didn’t Work


Attention Router

Queueing Theory

The Sin of Indifference

Tag Systems

Setting Engineering Org Values.

Programming Paradigms for Dummies: What Every Programmer Should Know

Mature Optimization: An Introduction

Should We “Resist Trying to Make Things Better” When It Comes to Online Misinformation?

Alternative Epistemic Agents for Restaurant Menus Etc

Tonight's Rabbit Hole: Time Math and 32 Bit Longs

Code Lifespan

AI-generated Code Helps Me Learn and Makes Experimenting Faster

Money Stuff: ChatGPT Is Not Much of a Pitch Robot

Tax and/or Eat the Rich

The Tyranny of the Churn Equation

Rinse, Wash, Like and Subscribe, Repeat

[TTT2] — Day 7: The Rainy Unknown Kissa Walk

You Need to Stop Doing Your Old Job and Start Doing Your New Job. That Sounds Ob...

Queuing Rule of Thumb

Cyclic Sighing Most Effective at Improving Mood and Reducing Respiratory Rate | Hacker News

Internal Comms for Executives.

Sent Items #136: Monday, January 23, 2023

Dumb and Shameful Until It's Not

Why We All Need Subtitles Now

Class Reductionist

Meetings for an Effective Eng Organization.

AI and the Macroeconomics of Brains

Reduce Anxiety & Stress With the Physiological Sigh | Huberman Lab Quantal Clip

The Secret Ingredient: Vinegar

Shaping Your Authenticity

Setting a New Focus for My Blog

The Map Room Is a Physical Room-Size Wiki for Collaboration From the 1950s

The Science (And Business) Behind COVID-19 Disinformation. And What to Do About It.

What Does It Mean to Be a Cost Center?

Money Stuff: Slicing Cash Flows for Better Ratings

Funny Programming Languages

Money Stuff: SEC Comes for Gemini Too Late

Sound Tracking

[TTT2] — Day 2: Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Toyosu, Tsukishima

Ruby 3.2’s YJIT Is Production-Ready

Import AI 315: Generative Antibody Design; RL’s ImageNet Moment; RL Breaks Rocket League

The 'Scooby Doo' Psyop

21 Comments on – Quick, Free, Detection for the Masses

Designing User Interfaces With Bots Not Buttons

The Art of Doing Science and Engineering

Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT

In the Black and White Woods

The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

This Is Fine

How We Could Stumble Into AI Catastrophe

Conspiracies of Cognition, Conspiracies of Emotion

How Not to Play the Game

Can 'Radioactive Data' Save the Internet From AI's Influence?

A Holistic Approach to Computing and Sustainability Inspired From Permaculture.

Money Stuff: JPMorgan Says Frank Was Fraud

A Brief Rant on Converging Compliance Regimes.

I Wish My Web Server Were in the Corner of My Room

The Infrastructure Behind ATMs

The Doomscrolling Is the Point

Import AI 313: Smarter Robots via Foundation Models; Stanford Trains a Small Best-in-Class Medical LM; Baidu Builds a Multilingual Coding Dataset

Money Stuff: Crypto Banks Owe Themselves Money

Import AI 314: Language Models + Text-to-Speech; Emergent Cooperation in Wargames; ICML Bans LLM-written Papers

Taking Over a Dead IoT Company

The William Langewiesche Aviation Reader


Fwd: ⦿ Roden: 075 — Archetypes Revisited

Ask HN: What Are the Foundational Texts for Learning About AI/ML/NN?

What Is an Optimum Degree of LLM Hallucination?

On ‘The Menu’

BAM Is Now Reader-Supported

Edge Cities With and Without Historic Cores

Nathan Labenz on AI Pricing

There’s Room for Everybody

Erasure Coding Versus Tail Latency

Fwd: #198: Motion Suggests Itself

MKBHD Claims That Post-Processing Is Ruining iPhone Photos – And I Agree With That

INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO 2: There's Always Another Round of Losing for Kevin McCarthy

Effective Political Giving

Money Stuff: CoinDeal’s Bentleys Weren’t Real

Fwd: Money Stuff: Private Markets Don’t Like to Go Down

Fwd: Money Stuff: Crypto Manipulation Has Consequences

Resources for Climate Nihilism

'Weathering Software Winter', Handmade Seattle 2022

A Bridge Over a River Never Crossed

COVID in China, the U.S., and Everything in-Between

Six Seasons

On the Cruelty of Really Teaching Computing Science

In Essence, Journalling Is Similar to a Psychotherapy Session.

Digital Gardening in Obsidian

Cartesian Theater

Unbundling Tools for Thought

How We Slowed the Subway Down


Lessons Not Worth Learning.

AIs as Societal Zero-Day Exploits

The Law of Stretched [Cognitive] Systems

Occultations, Chiltipineros, and a Ringtail

Just Taste

How Kaytranada Produced Glowed Up

The Compassionate Programmer

Fwd: Money Stuff: The SEC Wants More Stock Auctions

Fwd: Money Stuff: FTX Had Some Luna Trouble

Dowsing Is a Technology for Intuition Amplification

2022 in Review.

A Year of New Avenues

Be Wary of Imitating High-Status People Who Can Afford to Countersignal

Writing Is Magic

Fwd: Money Stuff: Crypto Had a Credit Bubble

Unlike Most People on Twitter, I’m Actually Using GPT3 In...

Stuff the Internet Says on Scalability for December 2nd, 2022

The Demanding Work of Analyzing Incidents

Fwd: The Dawn of Mediocre Computing

How Food Powers Your Body

Fwd: #196: I Care Because You Do

The Undoing Project

An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

A Burglar's Guide to the City

The Color of Law

Broad Band

300 Arguments

Rootin' Tootin' Charcutin' - By Kathryn Jezer-Morton

Permutation City

When Good AI Ethics Is Just Good AI Engineering -

2021-12-27 — The Prepared

Passages Saved From iOS

Plato's Dashboards

Inspection and the Limits of Trust. | Irrational Exuberance

> *A Team in Hong Kong Has Announced That in Their Cell Assays the Omicron Varia... | Hacker News

Rai Stones - Wikipedia

Quick Passages

Uncomfortable Truths in Software Engineering • Buttondown

Monitoring SRE's Golden Signals

Ask HN: How Did You Build Up Your Personal Knowledge Base? | Hacker News

Playing the Believing Game - By Sara Hendren

Sharing in the Presence of Computers and Corporations -

The Second and a Half Dimension

The Particular Power of the Lancing Celebrity Profile

My 3 Greatest Revelations - Issue 102: Hidden Truths - Nautilus

The Truth Behind Finland's 'Catgirl' Prime Minster

Glass Act: The Coanda Effect and Why We Transform Nuclear Waste Into Borosilicate Glass. — The Prepared

100 Years of Whatever This Will Be - Apenwarr

Hallmark Cards From Dystopia - By Christopher Brown

#173: Experimental Jet Set - By Drew Austin - Kneeling Bus

Forecast: Wild & Well | the Future of Urban Tech

Phillips Curve Definition

THERE SHOULD BE a GUY - By Max Lavergne - Infinite Gossip

Passages Saved From iOS From Kneeling Bus

Where Do Eels Come From? | the New Yorker

Notes Are Conversations Across Time - By Gordon Brander - Subconscious


The Surprising Effectiveness of Writing and Rewriting

John Swartzwelder, Sage of “The Simpsons” | the New Yorker

The Case for 'Developer Experience' - Future

Dana Fried on Twitter: 'This Is an Easy Statistical Mistake for Tech Companies to Make - And One We Try to Avoid in Chrome: It's Easy to Look at Pregnancy (For Example) as Something Which Affects Only 2% of Your Users. But It's Really Something That Affects 40% of Your Users 5% of the Time.' / Twitter

Code Runs on People

How Extreme Abortion Bans in Alabama and Georgia Happened

Oh No, Your Pyramid Scheme Is on Strike - By Ryan Broderick - Garbage Day

Matt Klein on Twitter: 'Last Week I Sat for an Internal Interview About My Career Progression to High Level IC Engineer, With a Focus on How I've Never Felt I Needed to Become a Manager to Gain Influence. I Thought I Would Share Some of My Career Advice for Aspiring IC 'Lifers.' Thread!' / Twitter

“Rewilding Your Attention”. To Find Truly Interesting Ideas, Step… | by Clive Thompson | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Why I Hate the Phrase “Breaking Down Silos” –

Responsible Monkeypatching in Ruby | AppSignal Blog

Bobos in Ikea - By Brandon - Sweater Weather

Massachusetts Holy Ghost - By Brandon - Sweater Weather

A Pandemic of Apathy - By Sarah Mock - Big Team Farms

Officials and Activists Advocate for Red Tide Solutions

The Web Browser as a Tool of Thought |

Your Own Harriet - By Anne Helen Petersen - Culture Study

Collecting My Thoughts About Notation and User Interfaces

My Heroku Values · GitHub

What Are Domain Events? | DDD | Serialized

Prepper Dreams of Edgeland Wine - By Christopher Brown - Field Notes

Major System | Art of Memory

Latency Sneaks Up on You - Marc's Blog

Imagining the First Global Simulation War

Apple’s Photo Scanning and Our State of Forced Collective Paranoia

Men Explain Things to Me

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Production Ready GraphQL

DDD Quickly